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Elan Home Automation Controls Tesla Powerwall, Koi Pond, More in Stunning Showroom

By CE Pro Editors · January 31, 2019 • Spectacular Portuguese home serves as Sparks Custom Electronics showroom, featuring automated Tesla power-storage system, infinity pool, koi pond, audio, video and more, controlled with an Elan home automation system.

Elon Musk’s Puerto Rico Power Grid Plan Could Affect U.S. Homes

By CE Pro Editors · October 12, 2017 • Tesla's Elon Musk wants to supply the island of Puerto Rico with an entirely new power grid following the devastating Hurricane Irma. What are the implications for mainland U.S. homes?

Is Tesla Powerwall a Good Investment?

By CE Pro Editors · October 9, 2017 • Total costs for Elon Musk’s Tesla Powerwall with solar panels can run between $14K and $23K fully installed. Is it worth it for your clients?

Tesla Solar Roof: Calculating ROI for Your Clients

By Jason Knott · May 30, 2017 • NYC integrator Cloud9 Smart Home does the math with clients regarding investing in a $21.85-per-square-foot Tesla Solar Roof.

Tesla Model X Acts as Operational ‘Office’ for Integrator

By Jason Knott · May 11, 2017 • Jeff Kesterson of Nightwatch Security & Telephone controls lighting, security, locks and HVAC via 17-inch touchscreen inside Tesla Model X automobile.

Time to Ditch 120V AC? How a Low-Voltage, DC-Powered Home Might Work

By Grayson Evans · November 24, 2015 • Has the 240/120V AC residential infrastructure outlived its usefulness? Inspired by Tesla Powerwall, an industry veteran explains how we could get to the the old 'Smart House' vision of a low voltage, DC-powered home.

How RoseWater’s Giant Home Battery is Different from Tesla’s

By CE Pro Editors · October 19, 2015 • CE Pro contributor Wayne Ortner responds to the question of whether or not Tesla's Powerwall has made the RoseWater Residential Energy Storage Hub obsolete following his article from CEDIA Expo 2015.