JJ Opines: What if Local Integrators Collaborate, Not Just Compete?
Julie Jacobson: Car-rental companies share passenger vans, parking lots, rental facilities, signage and often personnel. Why couldn't local home-tech integrators do the same?
Séura Outdoor TVs Deliver 4K and HDR Images in Non-Traditional Environments

Séura Outdoor TVs Deliver 4K and HDR Images in Non-Traditional Environments

The new Seura Shade Series offer homeowners a choice of sizes ranging from 55 inches to 75 inches, along with 4K resolutions and compatibility with HDR content.
Product Briefs: HTA Calculator; Onkyo, Pioneer Firmware; KanexPro, DTV GameControl; Luxul Firmware

Product Briefs: HTA Calculator; Onkyo, Pioneer Firmware; KanexPro, DTV GameControl; Luxul Firmware

CE Pro new products—home automation, audio, video, IoT, motorized shades, lighting control, energy management, home theater, networking and more.

Parasound Integrated Amplifier Includes Built-In DAC, Supports Sonos Connect

ISC West 2019: Security Show Made Me Go Hmmm

simPRO Enters US Market with End-to-End Cloud Software Solution

$70 EnGenius Smart Mesh Router Provides Budget-Friendly Wi-Fi Reliability

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ISC West 2019: Security Show Made Me Go Hmmm

CE Pro's Julie Jacobson couldn't really put a finger on big residential security…

SnapAV’s Big ISC Surprise: Self-Contained Security, Home Automation System With OvrC

New Clare One UL-listed security and home automation system will integrate with…

Integrator Solves High-Volume MDU Sales Dilemma with Digital Portal

Using a 'Build-A'Bear' model, Service Tech AV in Austin develops its own digital…

New Vivint Pro Program is ‘Dream’ RMR Opportunity for Home-Tech Channel

New Vivint Smart Home Authorized Pro program enables home-tech pros to earn RMR…

IFTTT Competitor and CEDIA Keynoter Stringify Kills Home Automation App

After acquisition, Comcast kills Stringify app, which is 'much better' than…

Requiring a Service Contract… Will It Work?

Service Tech Audio Visual in Austin, Texas, shuns 'indentured servant' label…

Comment Stream

Agree with John.  Fiber is the way to go.  It’s also considerably cheaper than cat6a and is easier to terminate and manage in patch bays etc.  No question you should future proof but if it’s even a question just pull OM3 Multimode... — SKoolD on Apr 20
Thanks, nicholsjh and, yeah, I’m not sure I knew that ... but all the other national car companies share space, buses, etc., in many locales. We can still find many examples in the real world—independent hair dressers sharing space, for example. I... — Julie Jacobson on Apr 20
Good perspective, and great food for thought, Julie.  For the record, though, those car rental companies are all technically the same company, so this does water down the argument a bit.  Enterprise, Alamo, and National are all under the same... — nicholsjh on Apr 20
With the preferred method of delivery moving to streaming I’m seeing no advantage for HDMI 2.1 and its 48Gbps bandwidth. Your source these days is a little box with an app on it or an app built into a TV. Centralized video sources and distribution is... — PHAND on Apr 19
The PoE argument is the best one for using Cat6a…but if you are REALLY future-proofing, you should be running fiber along with your copper wire!  Cat6a or even Cat 7 is not going to handle the 48Gbps that HDMI 2.1 requires.  Fiber will. — John Nemesh on Apr 19
I agree, hmm indeed. I would add that the trend in recent years has been that the show has a strong presence for cameras.  And drones sure are becoming a larger player. There are also some major physical security product manufacturers that have impressive... — Morgan Harman on Apr 16
What is the purpose of the open rectangle below the box that holds the rollable television screen, speakers, etc.?  Seems like it will be difficult to hide the typical wires and cables (which of course they do not show you in a display model…). — Rege on Apr 14

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