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Atlona Acquired by Panduit, with A/V and IT Convergence in Mind
Network infrastructure company Panduit acquires Atlona, provider of audio/video distribution systems, in anticipation of further convergence in A/V and IT ecosystems.
Hands-On: $40 Roku Premiere Wins Over Apple Fanboy

Hands-On: $40 Roku Premiere Wins Over Apple Fanboy

The reasonably priced Roku Premire offers users an easy-to-use interface, a choice of streaming solutions, and 4K compatibility.
Nielsen Data Shows Vinyl Sales Up 14.6% in 2018 Despite Streaming’s Dominance

Nielsen Data Shows Vinyl Sales Up 14.6% in 2018 Despite Streaming’s Dominance

Continuing its impressive revival, vinyl record sales have grown for the 13th straight year in the U.S., according to a report from Statista using data from Nielsen.

CES 2019 Day 3 in Tweets

CES 2019 Day 2 in Tweets

Where are all the Home Automation Standards at CES 2019?

All the Lab Testing in the World Won’t Catch HDMI Interop Issues

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2019 State of the Industry Report

2019 State of the Industry Report

Let the good times continue to roll. The CE Pro 2019 State of the Industry Study shows integrators are expecting a great year.
Modern Wireless Whole-House Audio Systems Out Perform Yesteryear’s Solutions

Modern Wireless Whole-House Audio Systems Out Perform Yesteryear’s Solutions

As the whole-house audio market continues to evolve, the maturation of wireless technologies is supporting system designs that are more reliable then ever.

BluOS Backbones the Next Generation of Home Audio

10 Home Electronics Solutions to Bring Joy to the Holidays

CES 2019 Preview: 9 Smart Home, IoT, Security and Wellness Co’s. You Never Heard of

Ultimate CES 2019 Preview - Live Webinar Dec. 19

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Why Ring Acquired Mr. Beams: New Ring Smart Lighting System at CES 2019

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To be honest, it would be nice if ZigBee 801.15.4, 900MHz mesh would become the standard. Having a disparate RF network in a non-traffic area would be awesome. Additionally, the 900MHz can transmit much further with less need of a LOS. It was the ISM frequency... — sjm mycloudbusters.com on Jan 21
I am surprised there is no mention of the REALLY big Apple news at CES this year!  Sony, LG, Samsung and Vizio have all announced AirPlay 2 support and iTunes support in their respective Smart TV platforms.  Essentially making Apple TV unneeded and... — John Nemesh on Jan 21
Obviously right, Tink, but you can’t ignore the “truly uninformed” consumer, as they represent 97.2% of the population when it comes to smart home. — Julie Jacobson on Jan 21
Complaining about hubs seems to hit the media every year like clockwork.  The synthetic objections bothered me enough that over a year ago I wrote a blog post about it.  I hope it is ok to share it here:... — SpivR on Jan 20
Truly, only the uninformed consumer is asking for WiFi and no hubs. The media keeps reporting that people do not want hubs, but after doing shows like CES for 20 years, I am definitely not hearing the same thing as the media because I am hearing from people... — Tink on Jan 20
Thanks for your insights, Robin and Spivr. I see opportunities like this: Here’s a $50 Google mini and a couple of $35 GE LIghting “sleep lights.” Try them out as a poor man’s circadian lighting system. If you like the results,... — Julie Jacobson on Jan 18
Coming from the IT world many years ago, my guru/hero has always been Regis McKenna. I was fortunate enough to meet him and hear him speak back in the day regarding his stance on technical standards. It resonated with me when he said that a standard is not a... — Robin Ford on Jan 18

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